Wainscoting Material

So in creating wainscoting what sort of materials can you choose from? Actually there are a wide range of options available.

1. Metal

Like wood not a great answer, as various metals have various ‘looks’. But various metals have become very popular amongst those that like to fit wainscoting.

2. Ceramics

A bit more ‘old school’ this, but ceramics are being used more and more widely in wainscotting. With their ability to trap heat ceramics are also being used not only for their stylish look but their ability to help reduce heating costs as well.

3. Oak

Whilst saying ‘wood’ means very little saying ‘oak’ gives a feeling of warmth, of old school luxury and of an olde worlde style. Oak is often a great choice for wainscoting.

4. Beech

A far lighter wood than the deeper oak. The beech wood is a lighter, more modern looking wood that has become very popular who want a more ‘lightweight’ feel to their rooms.



source : https://thedestinyformula.com/wainscoting-ideas/