SAMURAI SPRAY 2K SERIES / 1K SERIES / HOLOGRAM / 2K TOP COAT / 2K01 2K04 2K01A Spray Paint Cat Motor for Metal & Plastic
RM16.00 - RM34.00 RM22.00 - RM40.00
SAMURAI SPRAY 2K SERIES / 1K SERIES / HOLOGRAM / 2K TOP COAT / 2K01 2K04 2K01A Spray Paint Cat Motor for Metal & Plastic
Price RM16.00 - RM34.00 RM22.00 - RM40.00
Product SKU 1285-2K-SERIES
Size (L x W x H) 13 cm x 13 cm x 28 cm
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SAMURAI 2K01 Top Clear Coat Spray Paint

Variant :
1. Samurai 2K01 Top Coat Clear 400ml
2. Samurai 2K04 Epoxy Surfacer (Grey) 400ml
3. Samurai 2K01A Top Coat Flat Clear 400ml
4. Samurai 2KHLG Top Coat Clear Hologram 400ml
5. Samurai K1K Clear 300ml
6. Samurai KPP Plastic Primer 300ml
7. Samurai KP1 Putty Primer 300ml
8. Samurai HG77 Hologram 300ml

Aerosol paint in the market basically are 1-Component aerosol paint, the different between 1-component (1K) and 2-component(2K) is 1K dry by solvent evaporation and 2K dry by chemical reaction, 1K poor gloss and 2K high gloss, very good abrasion resistance, 1K poor weather resistance and 2K good weather resistance, 1K rust easily and 2K anti-rust.

1. Practice 2 in 1 concept (mix hardener and resin) in an aerosol can.
2. Patented in Utility Innovation & Industrial Design in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.
3. Formula ratio of heardener to resin is 1:2(compared to formula ratio of 1:4 in the market).
4. Guarantee highest product quality results, just like with a spray gun in a workshop.
5. Sprayed items can be dried in temperatures between -7°C to 40°C.
6. V.O.C (Volatile Organic Compounds) compliant with international convention.
7. Easy to use, no extra tools or equipment needed.
8. All 2K products must be used in 4 hours after clicking the activator.

- Weather resistance
- Excellent abrasion resistance against scratches
- Good harness and adhesion
- Anti-corrosion

Pot life : 4 hours
Touch Dry : 45 mins 1 hour
Complete dry : 1 hour
Intercoat : 8 to 10 minutes

*Dear Customers, feel free to drop by YKS HARDWARE store if you have any questions or issues regarding the product. We will be more than welcome to sort it out for you .

* We are sorry that we do not deliver to East Malaysia (Sabah/Sarawak) due to this is flamable and hazardous item.

All 2K product must be used within 4 hours after activation for the best result.